Thomas MUDDLEAge: 5915551614

Birth about 1555

MarriageUrsula EARLLView family
St Margaret's Church
May 18, 1579 (Age 24)
Birth of a son
about 1580 (Age 25)

Birth of a son
about 1582 (Age 27)

Birth of a daughter
about 1583 (Age 28)

Birth of a son
about 1584 (Age 29)

Birth of a daughter
Eleanor (Ellen) MUDDLE
about 1586 (Age 31)


Baptism of a daughterEleanor (Ellen) MUDDLE
April 17, 1586 (Age 31)
Birth of a son
Nicholas William MUDDLE
about 1587 (Age 32)

Baptism of a sonNicholas William MUDDLE
October 30, 1587 (Age 32)
Birth of a daughter
about 1592 (Age 37)

Baptism of a daughterUrsula MUDDLE
February 13, 1592 (Age 37)
Marriage of a childRichard TRENDELLAnne MUDDLEView family
June 18, 1604 (Age 49)
Marriage of a childThomas MUDDLEMary KINGView family
October 18, 1607 (Age 52)
Death of a sonJohn MUDDLE
1607 (Age 52)
Marriage of a childArthur MUDDLEAgnice (Anne) STEVENSView family
June 15, 1610 (Age 55)
Marriage of a childRichard PACKDENEleanor (Ellen) MUDDLEView family
May 20, 1611 (Age 56)
Death of a wifeUrsula EARLL
1613 (Age 58)
Will September 14, 1614 (Age 59)
St Bartholomew's Churchyard
October 26, 1614 (Age 59)
Death 1614 (Age 59)
Family with Ursula EARLL - View family
Marriage: May 18, 1579Buxted, Sussex, England
19 months
3 years
2 years
2 years
3 years
2 years
6 years

Shared note

Web source "The Ardingly Muddles" by Derek MILLER: The earliest the Ardingly Muddles have been traced back to is the marriage of Thomas Muddle to Ursula Earll at Buxted in Sussex in 1579. It seems likely that Ursula was therefore from Buxted but Thomas, whose baptism has not been found, was probably not. He was most likely born about 1555 and as Buxted's parish registers do not survive from before 1565 he could have been born in Buxted, but it's thought more likely that he came from either Hartfield or Withyham, whose registers do not survive from before 1594 and 1606, this is because the baptisms of his first four children, born 1580 to 1584, have also not been found and these would probably have been in Thomas' home parish, which therefore seems most likely to have been either Hartfield or Withyham. By 1586 they had moved to Maresfield where their last three children were born, and Thomas and Ursula died there in 1614 and 1613 when probably in their late 50s. Thomas Muddle married Ursula Earll at St Margaret's Church in Buxted on 18 May 1579. No baptisms have been found for their four eldest children so they probably initially lived in a parish such as Hartfield or Withyham where the parish registers for the early 1580s no longer exist. But by the mid 1580s they were living at Maresfield where their three youngest children were baptised between 1586 and 1592 and Ursula was godmother to Ursula Rootes who was baptised in 1585. Their children have been put in the order that Thomas named them in his will, which seems to be in age order, with John the son who died before the will was made assumed to be their eldest child. This also means that it's been assumed that their son Nicholas was actually the one recorded as William at the Maresfield baptism of 1587 as there is no William in the will which names Nicholas as the youngest son and no burial of a William has been found or other baptism for a Nicholas. Ursula died twenty-one years after the birth of her youngest child and she was buried in St Bartholomew's Churchyard at Maresfield on 5 September 1613; she was probably in her mid to late 50s. Just over a year later Thomas died and was buried in St Bartholomew's Churchyard at Maresfield on 26 October 1614; he was probably in his late 50s. Thomas' will dated 14 September 1614, which described him as a yeoman of Maresfield, was proved at the Archdeaconry of Lewes on 25 September 1615.[ESRO W/A15/50 Will of Thomas Muddell proved by Archdeaconry of Lewes] Thomas left legacies of ten shillings each to five of his children, Thomas (eldest son), Anne Trendle (eldest daughter), Arthur, Eleanor Peckden, and Nicholas (youngest son). Eleanor and Nicholas also received a flockbed each. Thomas also left five shillings each to his grandson Thomas son of Arthur and Ursula Peckden his wife's goddaughter. Ursula (youngest daughter) was made sole executrix and received the residue of Thomas' estate.